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foe at japan is the toplevel annual trade fair for asian optical communication industries, and is the gateway of foreign players into japan market. by records, foe is renowned for its concentration and expertise of optical telecommunication. from its very first trade show, foe participants stablely increased by years, and currently foe has been one of the most crucial exhibitions in asia district. as japan’s rasing demands of optical telecom resources, attention of local purchasers are seeking to oversea suppliers for better offers, and which provides excellent opportunity for suppliers in china. 

by joining 2017 foe trade show, hengtong goup hopes to make better accquaintance to japan’s mainstream players in telecommunication business.


as world 3rd optic telecom supplier, and the largest system integrator, and service provider of china’s optical telecommunication and power grid industries, hengtong has built her complete telecommunication industry chains possessing a large number of core technologies and hengtong is seeking to layout of quantum communications, and hengtong is striving to provide operation and complete services for boardband access network, smart society, telecom operations, data center and network security.

hengtong endeavors to build herself into a global leading telecom service provider and system supplier with complete industry chains.