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bare overhead conductor

hengtong is specialized in manufacture and development of special wire. our products cover aluminum and aluminum alloy rod、traditional conductors、saving-energy conductors、high-capacity conductors etc, and widely used in electric field and many large projects. our company attaches great importance to talent、manufacture equipment and test equipment, relying on advanced information management system and abundant

bs、as、din and other international advanced standard on the basis of technical security system, which can meet the needs of electric power industry for differentiation.

relying on three major technology research and development platform, such as state-level enterprise technology center, power transmission cable engineering technology research center of jiangsu province and suzhou smart grid cable engineering technology research center; relying on international advanced manufacture and testing equipment such as italian continuus-properzi ccr aluminum & aluminum alloy rod production line, german spectro spectrum analyzer, german zeiss metallographic microscope, 50t horizontal tensile testing machine etc, and relying on professional technology research team, hengtong has passed product integration development system , has formed special alloy pole material research and development production technology, product design development manufacturing technology, special wire installation construction technology and product testing technology of system solutions, toward the goal of industry leader stride forward.

what do we produce? 

all aluminum conductor (aac)

all aluminum alloy conductors 6201 (aaac/6201)

aluminum conductor, aluminum alloy reinforced (acar)

aluminum conductor, steel reinforced (acsr)

aluminum conductors, aluminum-clad steel reinforced (acsr/as)

aluminum alloy conductors, steel reinforced (aacsr)

aluminum alloy conductors, aluminum-clad steel reinforced (aacsr/as)

thermal resistant aluminum alloy conductors, steel reinforced (tacsr)

thermal resistant aluminum alloy conductors, aluminum-clad steel reinforced (tacsr/as) 

gap type super-thermal resistant aluminum alloy conductors, extra high strength steel reinforced (gztacsr)

production factory

  • sus tube machine
    italian condi nius -propeci aluminium alloy rod continuous casting and rolling production line

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hengtong, making the best of its advantages on the brand, marketing, technologies, equipment, management and the it’s team, proposes the first comprehensive application solution on wire & cables in the industry, thus realizing the transition from providing single product to offering technical solutions. at present, hengtong offers several solutions adapted to the specific necessities of our clients.

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